Stellaris PC

The Stellaris PC platform provides a high-performance, feature-rich, combined experience that leverages Bausch + Lomb’s legacy of vitreoretinal surgical innovation with the demonstrated excellence of the Stellaris phacoemulsification platform. The Stellaris PC allows surgeons to have true “procedural choice” by providing the most advanced technology for both vitreoretinal and cataract surgery in a single system.

It is a versatile system that allows surgeons the flexibility to perform different ophthalmic procedures while saving time, space and money for the surgeons and the patients they serve.

Please note: The Stellaris PC replaces the MillenniumMicrosurgical System.

Benefits to surgeons and their patients:

  • It is the only vitreoretinal surgical system that comes with a dual light source and surgeon-selected color filters that allow for differentiated viewing designed to enhance the surgeon’s ability to see ocular tissue better under various surgical conditions.
  • It allows surgeons a platform for the smallest incisions for both retinal and cataract surgeries. It is capable of 1.8 mm MICS phacoemulsification as well as a complement with Bausch + Lomb’s existing proprietary 25-gauge system of instruments for retinal surgery, along with standard 23- and 20-gauge instruments.
  • It has light-weight, ultrahigh-speed vitrectomy probes for conventional and transconjunctival vitrectomy (TSV).

Stellaris Meets the Needs of Surgeons

Dr. Carl Awh, a long-time advisor to Bausch + Lomb and a private-practice physician with Tennessee Retina in Nashville, said, “The Stellaris PC meets the needs of today’s vitreoretinal and cataract surgeons. It allows us to perform the most advanced techniques with an intuitive, more compact system and is ideally equipped for both the ambulatory surgery center and the hospital operating room.”