ORA System by Alcon


Over the years, perhaps no medical procedure has come as far as cataract surgery. Originally, the optimal outcome that could result from cataract surgery was that the patient would avoid going blind; however, he or she would still have to live the rest of his or her life with inferior vision, wearing Coke-bottle glasses simply to get by. Now, cataract surgery patients routinely achieve excellent vision – in some cases, better than they’ve ever had in their lives – after the removal of their clouded lenses.

Stonecreek Surgery Center is proud to announce that we offer the next generation in cataract surgery technology. At our advanced surgical center in Las Vegas, NV, the WaveTec ORA System® further improves the chances that patients will enjoy the clearest, crispest vision possible after cataract surgery.

What Is the WaveTec ORA System®?

The success of any surgery hinges upon the precision with which it is performed. The ORA System® will guide your cataract surgery with extraordinary precision, using proprietary Optiwave® wavefront technology to provide detailed measurements of your unique eye during cataract surgery. This allows the surgeons of Stonecreek Surgery Center to tailor your cataract surgery to you to a degree never before possible. We will be able to ensure that your premium intraocular lens, or IOL, is perfectly placed after the removal of your cataract. You will emerge from surgery with vision that is not only crystal clear, but potentially as crisp as it was when you were younger – possibly without any need for glasses or contact lenses.

Our surgeons will work with you to determine which IOL is most likely to give you the clear, crisp unaided vision at all distances. Whichever IOL is best suited to your case, you can rest assured that you will achieve the best results possible due to the experience and skill of our team and our use of only the most advanced technologies, including the ORA System®.



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